Freelance Portrait, Event, and Fine Art Photography


Who am I ?

My name is Tim Ellis. I grew up in New Orleans and spent my  life there until 2005 when I evacuated my family to  Northern Colorado on the winds of Hurricane Katrina. 

Once New Orleans gets a hold of you, you can never really leave. I was steeped in a culture that celebrates everything with intense passion. Food, Music, Art, History and Religion all come together. The sacred and the carnal hold hands and dance to the same music. I decided to bring all of that to Longmont Colorado and opened my first studio at 4th and Main, French Quarter Photography and Fine Art Gallery.

After 3 years we moved from our 4th and Main location to my home where I have worked ever since as a freelance portrait, event, and fine art photographer. I've been published in several magazines and recently had a photograph appear on the nationally televised 62nd Grammy Award Show. I've had the pleasure of photographing musicians, high school seniors, weddings, babies and families. I frequently work with models both amateur and professional on creative shoots and fine art. I try to bring a little bit of New Orleans to Colorado with everything I do. 

If you would like to shoot with me, please contact me and let's set something up.